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Summery of Policies

Child Protection and Safeguarding

Keeping children safe and well is paramount to the care that we provide. We believe that all children should be able to learn and play in a safe environment with suitable adults. The welfare requirements of the Early Year’s Foundation Stage require us as childcare providers to take the necessary steps to safeguard and promote welfare of children.

We ask that if you EVER have any concerns, however small or unsure you maybe  about a child, whether they attend Niccis house or not that you tell us immediately or contact South Shropshire Stay Safe team.



We aim to provide a happy childcare setting, in which both parents and children are happy. We kindly ask that if you ever have any complaints please talk to us as soon as possible and we will do our best to resolve the issue. We will respond to all written (including electronically written) complaints within seven working days.

If you feel that your complaint is of a serious nature or that you can not come directly to one of us a more formal complaint can be made to Ofsted.


Whistle blowing

We aim to provide good quality, transparent childcare at all times. We would like to feel that if anyone had any concerns of any kind that they could come to us and we would be able to resolve the matter. If you feel that this is not possible or if the nature of the incident can not be resolved through our normal complains procedure then we have a whistle blowing policy. Whistle blowing is making a disclosure in the public interest. This means that if anyone suspects any wrong doing that they are free to report it without fear of victimisation. If you need more information on whistle blowing it can be obtained from the Direct Gov website or from Ofsted.


Equality of Opportunities

We believe that every child is unique and that regardless of, abilities, race, gender, religion, or ethic origin we aim to respect and value all children and their family members equally. We ask that you keep us informed of any culture, religious customs or family traditions that may affect the way in which we should care for your child.



Working in Partnership with Parents

We strongly believe that parents know their child best and therefore it is essential that good communication is set up for the child to get the best care. By working together we aim to offer a consistent approach. We encourage you to come in to the setting occasionally and stay and play. We also ask that you keep us fully informed of anything that may affect the child or the way we care for them. For example if you would like to start toilet training your child at home let us know and we can initiate that here.

We also understand the importance of working with other care professionals working with the child, for example their nursery or school teachers. We aim to build and maintain strong links with other care professionals to be able to offer consistency of care across settings.



We aim to offer a welcoming, happy environment for children and to provide a positive role models to encourage positive behaviour by good example. Our expectation for children’s behaviour is flexible and realistic, adapting our approach for the child’s age and level of development. We aim to be consistent in our approach and ensure that any situation is dealt with in a fair and appropriate manor. We will NEVER use any form of physical punishment on a child.



We aim to be as fair and as consistent as possible when taking on new children. We do not and will not discriminate for or against a child or parent for any reason. We have a waiting list for new inquiries if we can not offer an immediate space. All contracts and relevant paperwork are to be signed before a child starts.


Special Educational Needs

We very strongly believe that a child who has special educational needs or learning difficulties has the same right to a full, happy and safe childhood as any other child. We encourage every child to reach their fullest potential. We will not discriminate a child from our setting who has a special educational need, so long as we can provide them with the care and facilities that they need.


Health and Diet

A balanced diet, plenty of fresh air and exercise are vital for a child’s development. We believe that if children are encouraged to eat well and exercise regularly through play when they are young then this will help them to grow into happy healthy adults. We aim to get outside most days, in all weathers. Children may also sometimes sleep outside wrapped up in a pushchair.

All areas of Nicci’s House, including the gardens and pathways are completely NON smoking.

We aim to provide children with, healthy well balanced food and drinks when food is provided. We are signed up to offer free milk to all under five who attend more that 2hours a day.


Accident and First Aid

While e very effort is made to ensure that accidents are prevented and children are kept safe and out of harm occasionally accidents can happen. If an accident does happen then we will take appropriate action depending on the incident. We ensure that we keep paediatric first aid training up to date and that any first aid is carried out by a responsible adult.


Hygiene and Infection Control

Hygiene is very important to ensure that children and adults are kept safe and are not made unwell. It is important to encourage children to be as hygienic as possible.

To ensure that infection is not spread we ask that you DO NOT bring your child if they have had sickness or diarrhoea within 48 hours. This is a regulation by law and MUST be adhered to.


Uncollected Child and Late collection

We understand that on occasions things might happen which may mean that parents may not be able to collect or be late to collect a child for reasons beyond their control, such as traffic problems. We ask that if possible you keep us fully informed. If you need someone else to collect your child please let us know. We will not allow your child to leave with someone we do not know if we have not been informed in advance.


Missing Child

Due to strict measures in place it would be very unlikely that a child would ever go missing from our care and we take every precaution to ensure that we can to prevent such an occurrence. If a child ever were to go missing we would immediately search the house and/or local area. The police will be called and parents contacted.



I aim to ensure that all children in my care have access to outdoor space and fresh air. We love to visit and explore our local area and will often go on outings. Parents are asked to sign a permission form to allow us to do this as well as use the car and local public transport.

Arrival and Departure

We aim to ensure that all children and their families are welcome in our home and feel happy with the care we provide. We want parents to leave feeling happy that their child is safe and being well cared for. We understand that sometimes it can be difficult for you to leave your child, especially if they are upset but we will ensure that they settle quickly, please talk to us if you have any concerns.


Emergency Evacuation and Fire Safety

It would be very unlikely that there would ever be a need to evacuate the house. However as a precautionary measure we regularly carry out mock evacuations with the children. If there was an incident where we could not return to the house we have several, emergency carers houses that we could go to, to ensure that every one is kept safe. Parents would be contacted immediately.


Security of the Premises

We aim to ensure that all children are kept safe within the premises and that no persons are able to gain access to the house without our knowledge. We ask that when you are picking up or dropping of your child that you ensure that you don’t hover at the front door. If you need to make a quick handover that is fine but otherwise please come right in to the conservatory and close the door behind you to ensure that no little one can scoot out the door unnoticed.



Physical Contact

We want children in our care to be happy and well looked after; we aim to make it feel like a home from home environment. We encourage children to express how they feel and also for them to become independent. To be able to care for you child a certain level of contact maybe necessary. Cuddling, hand holding, helping with toileting and washing routines ect. This would all be in a sensitive manor and age and stage appropriate for the child. We would never want a child to feel uncomfortable. Please talk to us if you have any concerns.


Internet and ICT

We encourage the children to use ICT that is age relevant and for short periods of time, depending on their age and stage of development. We will not allow a child to become ‘glued’ to a screen and ensure that children are monitored at all times.

We use the internet to communicate with parents, mainly through our website and Facebook page. We will never use pictures that could identify a child on the internet nor will we post information containing sensitive information, including the child’s name.


Students and Assistants

We often work with assistants. An assistant is registered with Ofsted and has a CRB check. Assistants can be left for short times with the children (for example while we are collecting children from school) We always gain your written permission to do this.

Students from local colleges or universities may also be working with us. We believe that they should experience every area of our jobs from paperwork to nappy changing. However students would never be left unattended with children. All students are required to have a CRB check.

Work experience pupils from local schools also do placements here. Under 16 year olds are not allowed to carry out intimate care routines with the children (such as nappy changing) they also do not have to be CRB checked. However we always obtain a suitable reference. They are never allowed to be left alone with children.