Nicci's House


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Choosing Shelves


Set up with a range of toys and resources for the children to choose what they would like to play themselves. We regularly change over the toys to keep it exciting and stimulating.

This room is set up for the children to play, learn and explore as they wish. It is a very child friendly room so its not normally this tidy looking!

Home Corner


Feed baby, wash up or cook a yummy meal. The home corner provides a place for children to go on a journey wherever their imagination takes them.

Blue Table


Write a story, draw a picture - a place to sit and be creative. We regularly do painting, colouring and messy crafts on here. Lots of fun.


Story Corner


We love reading stories and have many books. Going to the library is a regular outing for us. The children also love the story sacks which bring stories to life with soft toys.